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Services We Provide

Our digitalization services transform your documents from hardcopy into electronic format so you can efficiently search, access, and manage your documents. IBS also offers administrative services for your company, all with the goal of helping your business step up to the next level.

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Digitalization & Scanning (Digitalización y Escaneo de Documentos)

At IBS, you are in control of your documents. We want you to be part of the process from day 1 until the end. Our services are flexible and will adapt to your specific document retrieval needs.

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Administrative Services (Servicios Administrativos)

IBS offers a wide range of services in the Administrative, Finance, and HR areas that specialize in the integration of business solutions of other companies and focus on quality and cost reduction.

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Digitalization Benefits

Why hire us?

Fast Acces = No limits

Access your documents wherever you want at any time, without limits

Manage your documents

Rule the way you organize your documents based on your company needs. Be able to easily search & find your files.

Secure scanning

No matter the volume of documents, our modern scanning softwares will allow you to securely capture and protect your documents with active and passive hexagonal security protection.

Easy view

View extra-large documents with ease via page-streaming and high-definition technology.


All your documents will be safely scanned & protected. Our experts are trained to manage documents with confidentiality at all times.


Plan and incorporate a solution for your company’s disaster/contingency needs.


Work with third party business applications and systems that will allow you to efficiently manage, access, and utilize your data.

Gain office space

Add space to your office by clearing storage rooms and cabinets. Free space can be efficiently utilized by team members or for production purposes.

Reduce costs & manage time

Remove the costs of manually processing documents and storage costs involved. Manage your costs and use your time efficiently.

Be ready for remote work

This era is defined by technology. Our services support remote work and collaboration between companies, whether it is local or international.