Digitalization & Scanning (Digitalización y Escaneo de Documentos)

Digitalization allows companies to save office space and guide them to a paperless culture. In addition, this provides resiliency, and sustainability. Now more than ever when working remotely is gaining momentum, specially with the younger generations, she understands that having the documents digitalized benefits all companies specially those who work remotely. Moving business forward with digitalization and automation.

Service Facilities

  • Document Scanning (Digitalización o Escaneo de Documentos)
  • File Organizing (Almacenamiento de Documentos)
  • Confidential Document Management (Manejo de Documentos Confidenciales)
  • High Image Resolution
  • Documents can be downloaded in a variety of forms

How we work?

The Digitalization Process


Kick-off meeting

Meet with one of our team members one-on-one or virtually to set up the services that will be performed.


Pick Up or Drop Off

The boxes will be safely transported to IBS. Each box will be labeled and the customer will receive a delivery receipt.


Classification of documents

Each file will be prepared for scanning by removing pages from folders and by performing any additional pre-processing procedures such as staple removal.



Our processors provide a high image resolution that can be downloaded in a variety of programs


Revision and indexing

Index will be defined and named as per customer specifications.


Save your documents

Whether it is through private cloud upload, a hard disk, or other format, you decide where you want to store your scanned documents.


Disposal of hardcopies

Our company provides an alternative, secure shredding service that can be coordinated with a certified destruction company if the customer decides to discard the hardcopies