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Woman-owned business

Founded in 2021 in la Isla del Encanto, Puerto Rico, Integrated Business Solutions (IBS) is a woman-owned business. We are a professional group of women entrepreneurs with the desire of empowering businesses to grow and transform their companies through the art of digitalization.

Our management, administrative, financial, and human resources background is the root for our passion to help businesses reduce the time and money costs of storage of hardcopy files, office space, and business production time.

At IBS, we believe communication and trust are the key to success when it comes to the business-client relationship. It is our mission to provide services to businesses all while complying with confidentiality agreements to gain the credibility and trust of our customers.

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Delight our clients through document
management excellence and enjoy our work.



To deliver the quality service
that you deserve.



To gain your trust by working hard
and practicing our core values.

Proud member of Asociación Hecho en Puerto Rico. ¡Sirviendo a nuestra gente!